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Electraflash.com | Digital Flashes - Smart Flashsmart Flash is ideal for providing soft and uniform both modelling and flash lightings which are similar to that of natural daylight. It is the new face of the concept and style of the professional flash. It was super slim sheet-shaped housing. To save the space and expenses of the studio, It is reduced from 3 to 2 dimensions and needs no softbox. Dual sensitive slave units and ready lamps guarantee of no failure in synchronizing with other units and more convenient in shooting. New long-life linear flash tubes and dimmable daylight modelling lamps are the new concepts of smart Flash. They are completely flicker free. With the dimensions of only 25.0x33.0x6.5 cm. and less than 2.5 kilograms in weight and need not much accessories, it is very compact, portable and versatile for both studio and location photography. Power supply may be from regular AC or AC Power Supply Unit which is an optional accessory. smart FLASH is certainly suitable for shooting with both digital and conventional still and video cameras. smart FLASH Highlights

Smart Flash 250

Code No. SF-250 Flash Duration (Full Power) 1/620
Power 215/240 V Recycling Time Full 3.0 sec.
105/120 V Half 1.5 sec.
Output 250 W/S Colour Temperature flash 5600K
GN, m, ISO 100 11.7 Modelling Lamp 5000K
Power Selection Full to 1/8 Fuse Flash 5 amp.
Modelling Lamp Selection Full to 1/3 Weight 2,300 gm
Built-in Slave unit 2 positions Volume 25.0X33.0X6.5 cm

Smart Flash : Accessories

Electraflash.com - Filter Set and Filter Holder
Filter Set and Filter Holder
A set of red, blue, green and yellow filters can be fit into the filter holder. This filter holder simply attaches onto smartFLASH/smartLITE.
Technical Data
Code No. Description
SM-045F 20.5 x 23.5 cm
Electraflash.com - Bouncelite Panel
Bouncelite Panel
Simply attach on the housing of smart FLASH/ smart LITE. Angle adjustable for continuously variable softness.
Technical Data
Code No. Description
SM-040 Bouncelite Panel for smartFLASH/smartLITE
Electraflash.com - Stands and Booms
Stands and Booms
The wide range of lightweight aluminum stands and booms with new locking system.
Technical Data
Code No. Min Height Max Height Closed Length Weight
EF-C0500 103 cm 256 cm 100 cm 1.6 kg
EF-C0501 - 135 cm - 2.5 kg
EF-C0502 - 188 cm - 7.5 kg
EF-C0503 101 cm 244 cm 93 cm 1.5 kg
EF-C0504 137 cm 241 cm 120 cm 1.5 kg
EF-C0505 9 cm 63 cm 37 cm 1.1 kg
EF-C0506 132 cm 250 cm - 8.2 kg
EF-C0507 102 cm 317 cm 99 cm 1.7 kg
EF-C0508 86 cm 208 cm 84 cm 1.4 kg
EF-C0509 103 cm 256 cm 100 cm 1.6 kg
Electraflash.com - Barndoor
Four-wing metal barndoor is for redirect and control light. Attached on umbrella reflector.
Technical Data
Code No. Description
SM-010 Barndoor, 4-wing, for smartFLASH/smartLITE
Electraflash.com - Snoot
Snoot gives a concentrated yet fairly soft spot effect. Ideal for hairlight and catchlights.
Technical Data
Code No. Description
SM-030 Snoot for smartFLASH/smartLITE
Electraflash.com - Softbags for flashs and Stands
Softbags for Flashs and Stands
Soft and ultra lightweight nyion bags for flash heads and stands. These softbags are ideal fot outdoor photography.
Technical Data
Code No. Description
EF-C0631 Softbag for 2 smartFLASH/smartLITE, 26.5x45x20cm
EF-C064 Softbag for stands, Small, 18x17x94 cm
EF-C069 Softbag for stands, Big, 18x17x124 cm
EF-C0691 Softbag for 3 stands & accessories, 24x18.5x126 cm
Electraflash.com - AC Power Supply Unit
AC Power Supply Unit
Battery operated AC Power Supply unit is another source of power supply which is designed exclusively for smartFLASH and smartLITE. Power output stabilizes throughout the operation period. AC Power Supply Unit can be recharged whenever photographer wants, while it is being used or empty or after partial using. Normally, it needs about 4 hours* for recharging from empty to full power. One full recharge is good for 150 flashes** at full power setting of 250 W/S of smartFLASH and turning on modelling lamp or one hour operation of smartLITE at full power setting***. After charging power can be stored in the unit for a very long time. Five-level indicators allow photographer to know the remaining power. Operation lamp blinks continuously during operation. * From empty to full charge, 220 V version. ** Fresh and fully-charged battery. Press test button as soon as flash is fully charged continuously. *** Fresh and fully-charged battery.
Technical Data
Code No. Description