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Portable Backdrop

Portable Backdrop is suitable for both studio and on location photography. Easy to assemble and disassemble. It is light weight and convenient to carry. Height can be adjustable from 175 to 310 cm. Accept one roll of background of any length.

Code no. PBG-010

Painted Background

Painted background is durable, scratch-proof, wrinkle-free and made from non-polluted textile pigment. Available with aluminum core in 10 colours and 4 sizes, 3x6 / 3x4 / 2.6x3 / 1.6x2.6 meters. They are compatible with Motorized Backdrops, Manual Backdrops, and, Portable Backdrop.

Code no.  
PB-1626 1.6x2.6 m.
PB-2630 2.6x3.0 m.
PB-3040 3.0x4.0 m.
PB-3060 3.0x6.0 m.